Beautiful Spots in the Philippines

Below are the places and beautiful spots in the Philippines that I highly recommended for you to visit. These places are natural wonders and historical landmarks.

Anilao Beach Resort  is popular gateway during weekend especially for weekend diving trips. Its location makes it a perfect place for snorkeling, scuba diving , sport fishing including windsurfing. It is a 3 hour drive from Manila to Anilao, Batangas.

Banaue Rice Terraces is a 2000 year old terraces that were carved into the mountains in Ifugao is one of the 8th wonders of the world. This terraces is good for hiking because it has lots of hiking trails. You should not miss this place if you are planning to visit Philippines.

Bataan is well known for its role during World War 2. Many American and Filipino soldiers sacrificed their lives to defend the country against the Japanese invaders. If you will visit Bataan don't forget to visit the place called "Dambana ng Kagitingan" and pay homage for those brave soldiers who died defending the freedom. Aside from the memoirs of war, this province has beautiful spots to visit.  

Baguio is known as the Summer Capital of Philippines. One of the most visited place during summer for its all year long cool climate.

Bacolod is the capital city of Negros Occidental. There are many places that you go visit when you go to Bacolod. Old Mansions owned by sugar barons; 19th century churches build during the Spanish time; Mambukal Resort and Mount Kanlaon.  

Boracay is on the northwestern tip of Panay. This beach is a haven for beach lovers around the world. Hundreds of local and foreign tourist flock this place because of its crystal blue waters, white sands, lots of tropical plants, and healthy diverse marine life.

Bohol is famous for whale watching, smallest Primate Tarsier, scuba diving, mountain climbing and beautiful beaches etc. .Boholanos called their place as "Little God's Paradise." 

Coron island is famous for its white beaches that is good for snorkeling, fishing and sea wreck diving. Coron island is listed in Forbes Traveler Magazine's top 10 best scuba diving sites in the world for its Japanese sunken ships.

Camarines Sur and Norte boast of its unique culture and festivals such as Penafrancia Festival held every September. And don't forget to visit Camsur Watersport Complex  Wakeboarding.

Cebu City is dubbed as the "city of festivals". It has lots of festivals throughout the year. Cebu is one of the most visited city in Philippines and one of the most developed city in the country. Many foreigners choose Cebu as their place of retirement because the city has a lot of things to offer.

Corregidor is a small rocky island in the Philippines. Also known as the "Rock" because it became the fortress of brave American and Filipino soldiers against the invading Imperial Japanese army. A good place to visit for those who wants to see big guns, cannons lying silently and ruins of wars.  

Donsol is popular for its "whale sharks". Tourists are flocking this place especially during the months of February - June. A great experience swimming with "gentle giants" that you shouldn't missed. 

Dumaguete is the capital city of Negros Oriental, This city is called the "city of gentle people". Dumaguete has beautiful dive sites and lovely islands. 

El Nido is one of the top destinations for tourists in Philippines. You can find limestone cliffs, different species of fish and corals in here. This place has excavation sites that you can visit such as Sibaltan Open Site, Pasimbahan Cave, Ille Rockshelter. 

Hundred Islands Pangasinan is known for its hundreds of islands   scattered in the sea. A great place to visit for those who came from a hustle and busy cities. You will enjoy snorkeling, island hopping, and fishing in this place.

Legazpi is the place where you can see Mayon Volcano. This volcano has almost perfect cone and has been active for hundred of years.This province is also one of the fastest growing tourist destination in Bicol Region. Interesting places to visit are Albay Park and Wildlife, Legazpi City Musuem, Liberty Bell, Japanese Tunnel, Embarcadero and many more. 

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and the only capital city in Asia influenced by Spanish.. A lot of places to visit   like historical landmarks, museums, parks, nature and wildlife.

Marinduque is the heart of Philippines because of its geographical location. This province is known as the Mecca of Philippines because hundreds of pilgrims visit this island to observe Holy Week. One of the famous festival this island offers is Moriones Festival.

Mindoro is one of the exotic islands in Philippines. Lots of places to visit and mountains to hike. It is also famous for its beaches such as Puerto Galera Beach.  

Malapascua Island was first known for its white sand beach. Gato, Monad and Kemod Shoal are execellent diving site. Monal Shoal is a perfect place to see thresher sharks and manta rays.

Negros is the fourth largest island in the Philippines and is the main producer of sugar in the country. This is divided into two provinces- Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental. These two provinces are fascinating for its beautiful beaches, old Spanish churches, mountain resorts and unique festivals.

Palawan is long and narrow island province in Philippines and it is composed of small islands surrounding the main island. The following places are major tourist destinations in Palawan:Boayan Island, Coron Island, El Nido, Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary,Puerto Princesa River National Park, Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, Malampaya Sound Land etc. 

Panglao Island is located in Central Visayas of southwest of Bohol and east of Cebu. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines for its beautiful and diving spots. It is also well-known for its cave named "Hinagdanan Cave", an underground water cave. You will also find here Bohol Beach Club that has 1.5 kilometers beautiful and white beach shoreline.

Puerto Galera is well known among tourists because of its numerous beautiful white beaches including snorkeling and diving spots. Among the famous beaches are Sabang Beach and White Beach. 

Quezon Province was named after Pres. Manuel L. Quezon, the 2nd president of the Philippines. This province is famous for its Mount Banahaw. Hundreds of pilgrims and religious organizations flock this mountain during Holy Week. They believe that some supernatural and mystic force surrounds this area.

Siargao is well known as the "Surfing Capital of the Philippines." It has an excellent surfing condition during the months August to November. Local and Foreign surfers flock this island to enjoy its huge waves.

Sagada is famous for its hanging coffins - a traditional way of burying dead people. This place offers various activities such as hiking, rappelling, exploring caves and waterfalls, spelunking, and participating in tribal celebrations. 

Siquijor is the third smallest country in the Philippines and it was called the "Island of Fire" during the Spanish era. This island is known for its mystic traditions and primitive healing rituals. Among the tourist spots of this islands are white sand beaches, caves, waterfalls,park, and butterfly farms. This place is also known for some of the best diving spots in Philippines.

Tagaytay city is the 2nd summer capital of the Philippines. It is one of the popular summer tourist destinations in Philippines because of its cool climate due to its high altitude. It also provides a good view of Taal volcano and Taal lake. 

Vigan is considered the best example of European and Hispanic colonial town in Asia. This place was made a world heritage site by UNESCO. You will be surprise to see the streets made-up of cobblestones and houses that were beautifully preserved. 

Subic bay is a good place for people who want to refresh and relax on a weekend getaway. It was a formerly site of the largest Naval US Base. It has many tourist attractions like beach resorts, diving and snorkeling spots, museums, and parks.